Program Management

Program management is a service which provides comprehensive services to a client when the planning and construction of multiple projects are involved. A program manager is required to thoroughly understand the client’s program and budget needs for each project. Program managers work closely with their clients in the hiring of design teams, construction managers, and other needed consultants to fill out each project’s professional team. The development of the design and the implementation of the construction of each project is overseen by the program manager. One of the most important functions of the program manager is the management of the client’s budget for each project and the master budget for all of the client’s projects, including soft costs and required contingencies.

BCC elevates the program management process by approaching the specific needs of each individual project for its program and the people that each project will serve upon completion. Listening to our client’s objectives for each project and guiding the process of design and construction in a way that ensures the client’s objectives are met is key to the BCC approach. As a provider of comprehensive construction management services for some of our clients, BCC has the experience and the acumen to ensure the precise delivery of services needed from all project participants. BCC takes total ownership of the delivery of projects on behalf of our clients.

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