General Contracting

General contracting is a traditional approach to providing project delivery to an owner. A general contractor (GC) has complete oversight responsibilities for the project and engages the subcontractor building work under a stipulated sum contract with the owner. In general contracting, each project is bid competitively and is won upon submitting a low responsible bid for the work. A GC agreement is tied directly to project requirements as they are depicted on the technical bid drawings and specifications.

As a general contractor, BCC takes a different approach. We apply our construction manager mindset to the general contracting delivery model. When given the opportunity, we work directly with the owner and architect in planning the logistics, phasing and scheduling, and provide constructability input to the design process. Our approach to delivering a project under the GC model is to provide added value as an advocate to our client through recommended cost savings, and an open and honest collaboration that favors partnership and teamwork.

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