Providing Construction Management and Administration Services

Based in Buffalo, NY where we are committed to supporting our community.

Committed to Western New York


As one of the most elite construction management firms in the Western New York region, our team is extremely knowledgeable in NYSED rules and regulations.  We listen, collaborate and consistently build results to make a positive impact on the community we serve.

Why BCC?


Backed by our experience and driven by a commitment to excellence, BCC is there to safeguard your interests and serve as your advocate through every step of the construction process.  We have a highly skilled and experienced team who has overseen over $1.5 billion in construction and renovations and our construction management team has successfully managed the work on dozens of schools which have been completed on time and within their budget.

Safety First


BCC is committed to the safety of not only our staff on-site, but the students, faculty and visitors at your school.  We pride ourselves on always providing a safe environment for our community and expect nothing short of safety excellence from our personnel.  Each of our project managers attain OSHA 30 certifications.