Advanced Space & Defense Manufacturing WNY

Niagara Falls, NY & Elma, NY
Completion Date: November 2022 / 2024

Rocket Fuel Testing Facility Addition

BCC is providing design-build services for the Advanced Space & Defense Manufacturing Group, including the construction of a new propellant storage facility in Niagara Falls, NY, and the renovation and expansion of the Space & Defense campus in Elma, NY. BCC designed and built the SDG new propellant storage facility at the Niagara Falls campus. Environmental Health & Safety planning, logistics coordination and close communication with the Space & Defense Group is critical on this highly sensitive project. The building consists of approximately 7,500 square feet of precast insulated wall panels and hollow core roof planks. The floor slab has containment pits built in throughout the building where “run” tanks and “storage” tanks are located to capture propellant in event of spillage during operations.

The project was completed in November 2022. Phase 1 of the campus expansion will be complete in 2024.




Fontanese Folts Aubrecht Ernst Architects, P.C.


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