Allegany County Public Safety Complex - Belmont, NY

This 94,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art jail and public safety building complex was constructed on a 27-acre site. When our team began work, this medium-security facility housed 164 beds and the public safety building housed a complete sheriff’s department, dispatch facility, emergency center, public services offices and assorted support facilities.


To maintain the project budget and preserve the owner’s schedule, the facility was constructed with precast cells. Late arrival of detention frames and hardware, however, resulted in a three-month delay in the project schedule. In response to this unforeseen delay, our team re-sequenced the masonry work and logged overtime to accelerate the schedule—all at no extra cost to the owner.

As an added complication, the construction site did not have running water even as the project neared completion.  In order to procure water for necessary construction activities—masonry work, water pressure tests, spray fireproofing, etc.—our team oversaw the construction of a shallow well on site. This temporary well allowed construction to continue without further delays. The project team also worked closely with the District’s student council to provide detailed tours of the project site and always kept them informed about the construction progress during student council meetings. This $22 million project was completed in May 2006.  


Chautauqua County Courts - Mayville, NY

This expansion and renovation project involved two separate sites housing the county Supreme Court, county courts, family courts, county clerk offices and sheriff’s department. The main site was comprised of Old County Hall and the adjoining Gerace Office Building. Old County Hall was originally constructed in 1908 and great care was taken to renovate this building in order to preserve its historic architecture.

The historic former Mayville High School, located one block away from Old County Hall and the Gerace Office building, was renovated to house the new family courts facility. Originally built in 1924, this school building was recognized as a landmark by the National Register of Historic Places. Due to this fact, our team worked closely with the architect and owner to preserve the architectural and historical integrity of the building. The striking facade and arched windows of the original school were preserved, along with numerous interior design elements.

Concurrent to these preservation efforts, however, the interior of the facility was also completely modernized. A wireless internet system was installed, and new mechanical and electrical improvements were made throughout the facility. A brand new security system was also put in place. The repurposed facility now houses two courtrooms, two hearing rooms, a child care center, court administrative offices, and other assorted city and county offices.

The Gerace Office Building received a 2,500 sq. ft. addition that now serves as the main entrance and security checkpoint for the complex. This addition features a state-of-the-art monitoring room for the sheriff’s department and updated safety/screening systems that comply with the most up-to-date codes and regulations of local and state authorities.

Construction began on this project in November 2005 and the estimated cost of construction was $9.3 million. While managing the project with several security measures, and ensuring unforeseen conditions were resolved to the owner’s vision, the project was completed in June 2008 for a final construction cost of $12 million.